To Win Election

Our team has identified 7 factors that influence or tilt the balance of power:

  • Welfare schemes
  • Social engineering
  • Development
  • Organizational competence
  • Image/Public perception
  • Money power
  • CM/Chief candidate

How we can help you win elections


Our democracy wins, every time a free and fair election is conducted in our country. Another vital aspect is the winning of right candidates who can guide the country on the path of progress.

Our team of professionals helps you win the elections by planning, organizing and implementing your election campaign in the most effective manner. Strategic management of election starts with segmenting the electorate based on their social, financial, religious and political status. Carrying out thorough research with the help of ground survey, interacting with opinion maker, consultation with leaders from all castes and other methods we try to understand the reasons that will make them prefer one candidate or party over the other. We try to get the pulse of the electorate.

After taking any state election engagement, our strategic approach to winning elections is as presented below:

Step 1:

A SWOT (Strength, Weakness, Opportunities and Threats) analysis is conducted for all the parties and chief candidates in the targeted state or region.

Step 2:

Constituencies are then graded based on the chances of winning for our party or candidates.

Step 3:

Threats in the form of dissatisfied communities, castes, religious groups are evaluated.


Threats from the unfulfilled promises from the previous election are also thoroughly studied.

Threats from any agitations and pending issues of electorate is evaluated. Negative impact of gaps between the party/leader/cadre and the voter is researched to find a solution to it.


Step 4:

Opportunity in running welfare schemes for the electorate for a positive outcome and the impact of any such schemes carried out in the past are studied in detail.

Step 5:

A detailed report is then prepared which becomes the foundation of political strategy and roadmap for our client’s victory.

Our team has worked with major and local political parties and candidates to help them win elections. Our clients have been successful in winning State assembly elections , By-polls, General-elections and Local-body elections.

Segmenting the electorate:

Segmentation of the electorate leads to a successful micro-management of election campaigns. This is a big help in handling every size and type of election with detailed attention. Our election management team works in a strategic manner by segmenting the electorate, targeting them with the right communication and positioning your candidature as the best one amongst the alternatives available to the people.

To understand the segmentation, our political workforce and team that is based in each constituency does a thorough analysis and sends a detailed report as prescribed in our guidelines. The data is then counter checked with various tools and data available at our end so that there is absolute surety about the data.


Designing communication

Based on the profile and the different segment of people, we design the communication strategy. The right text, commentary and messages are developed for desired impactful results. The communications tools like Mobile, Television, Print media are all taken into account while developing the communication.


Positioning the communication

The communication is then positioned among the right voters on a trial basis before going all out with the campaigning. The results of trial promotion are shared with our clients before launching the campaign full-scale.

An exclusive team is assigned for developing the promotional campaign for a candidate. The young enthusiastic team is not complete without an experienced political strategist under whose guidance the campaign takes shape. This helps in implementing a focused approach which is certainly bound to give expected results.

Active campaigning

The planning and organizing is then over and now the work of ground force or our people who are in contact with the electorate starts. They implement campaigns by going door-to-door for a public connect, organize road shows, do booth level promotion, conduct town hall sessions, media interviews, implement mass promotion via public functions like stage shows, etc. with presence of the candidate. Outdoor media is also aggressively used for campaigning.

While the outdoor campaign in initiated, the Social media campaign also starts simultaneously. Campaigning on both these fronts creates the desired level of Hype and Hope for the candidate in the public; which is very much needed for a victory with a thumping majority.


Feedback mechanism

A feedback mechanism is in place in every constituency where the effectiveness of campaign is monitored on a periodic defined basis. This leads to continuous improvement in the campaign.


Data driven campaigns

Our targeted content is developed based on research that we conduct while doing the actual groundwork in the field. The data collected while working in field is accurate and an election campaign that is built on an accurate data has the highest probability of success.

The official data available about the electorate is verified and corrected if needed before designing a campaign. Customized software is used for data mining and evaluation of the electorate based on their education, sex, religion, caste, etc. Apart from the other activities, we do the following so that nothing is left to chance :

  • State/Region wise surveys are carried out three times in a year before the election notification and finally before the polling date.
  • Discussions are done with opinion leaders.
  • Interviews with leaders of various political parties are done at different levels.
  • Detailed discussions are carried out with leading journalists.
  • Discussions with social and religious organizations are carried out.
  • Discussions with professional organizations and industrialists are carried out along with surveys.

Our communication or advertising ensures that there is an excellent voter turnout in favour of our client.