Work done:

Our experienced team has registered phenomenal wins for our clients. From the 60 constituencies that we have done end to end consultancy, 52 constituencies have increased their majority and remaining constituencies achieved a game changing success during Telangana state 2018 MLA elections.

Out of the total 54 poll surveys conducted, 51 were proven 100% right. We have done phenomenal work in the following elections:

Telangana General Elections 2018

  • 60 Constituency-centric political management
  • Real-time poll management in 24 constituencies
  • Political survey in 119 constituencies: Done twice
  • Opinion surveys in 24 GHMC constituencies before 1 month of elections: Done 5 times
  • 10 Lakh calls by 5000 volunteers for campaigning at the voter level

Telangana MP elections 2019

  • 5 constituency-centric Political management
  • Political surveys in 16 MP constituencies
  • Real-time poll management in 5 constituencies

Andhra Pradesh General elections 2019

  • Political management in 30 constituencies
  • Real-time poll management in 175 constituencies
  • Political surveys in 175 constituencies: Twice
  • Preparing a list of Ticket aspirants for 175 constituencies for a National Party

Telangana Local Body Elections 2019

  • Choosing winnable candidates for Sarpanch, MPTC, ZPTC positions amongst multiple aspirants.
  • Political surveys in 1000 Gram Panchayats, 1000 MPTC and 120 ZPTC positions.
  • Social media campaigns

Apart from the above success stories, some remarkable work that our team has done is as follows:

  • The launch of Child Friendly TS policy in which 30,000 children gathered at Karimnagar in coordination with MP Mr. Vinod Kumar.
  • Presently working in advisory role for a couple of ministers and MLAs in Telangana. Work includes, day-to-day management, image building, brand building, media management and leadership development.